Protect most sensitive documents with an invisible fingerprint against being leaked in public during printing, taking snapshots or photos. Track leak source in no time.
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What is LeaksID?
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Our platform
LeaksID is a cloud-based tool that is built upon a unique proprietary algorithm. It allows adding an invisible markup to document copy once you want to share it securely with third parties. If the print out, a snapshot or a photo of a confidential document ever disclosed in public, you'd be able to identify who exactly is responsible for it.
Supported document formats:
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Use cases
of breaches
are an inside job made with a hard copy or a snapshot
of employees
want to sell your company's confidential data
is the average lifetime for affected small businesses
Who our users are
Law firms
Independent consultants
Research Labs and Clinics
With LeaksID, you continue to work as before, while taking more control of the document workflow and being able to identify the leak source in minutes with high accuracy.
Works as easily as regular cloud storage. Mark documents with an invisible fingerprint in order to secure them from being leaked.
Share docs with colleagues or employees by emailing a link or printing a copy. Team up with dealmakers and colleagues or work alone.
Identify who has leaked your document, whether the leaked piece is corrupted, photographed at an angle or consists only
of 1-3 sentences.
Start out of the box
Share documents securely
Track leak source in no time
Every single time the document is opened, emailed or printed out, it is imperceptibly marked, and the end user receives a unique copy of this document that is visually indistinguishable from the original.

The LeaksID algorithm will accurately identify the originator of the leak by the unique, invisible document marks.

LeaksID is a cloud-based app built with our proprietary technology at its core — the best solution to prevent valuable data leaks via physical copying, such as making snapshots or printing.
How it works
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What's inside?
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Protect a limited number of documents across Google Drive with our proprietary technology. Share with businesses or friends with confidence.
Share documents in Google Drive securely
Create secure documents in LeaksID
Add up to 100 pages: DOC, PDF, JPG, PNG
Use "infinite" links for unlimited sharing
Deactivate shared link right after it was recieved
Investigate the leak of any document
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Advanced way of protecting your documents
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Remove Standard limitations to protect any amount of documents across your Google Drive. Get discounts on our products and expand the investigation lifetime to 6 months.
Add any number of files: DOC, PDF, JPG, PNG
Personal investigation manager
Use "infinite" links for unlimited sharing
Deactivate shared link right after it was recieved
Investigate the leak of any document
24/7 Support
Track recipient's activity
All Standard features, plus:
Share documents in Google Drive securely
Create secure documents in LeaksID
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coming soon
Compare LeaksID proprietary technology to other popular solutions:
Able to produce lots of unique copies
Able to withstand BYOD threats
Modified copy is easy to read
Works out of the box
Custom Fonts
There are a variety of solutions to help protect documents from internal threats, but each has its own drawbacks
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Microsoft Office OneDrive
Try LeaksID to protect your sensible documents now and get ready for integrations!
About LeaksID Developers
We are G-71, and we work to protect your business critical data.
We develop solutions that meet global regulatory requirements, allowing us to work with companies across the world.
Sergey Voynov

Sergey is our visioner, the father of our main goals and values. He is the voice of our brand.
Alexander Korznikov
Sergei Timoshenko
Senior Vice President for Technology

Alex is the genius behind the code, leader of the programming team.
Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales

Sergei is our creative mind, the driver of marketing and sales processes in our company.
Our solutions are created by information security specialists to deliver a truly safe experience working with documents. At heart of our solutions lies a patent technology that enables secure work with commonly used file formats, preventing them from ever being leaked.
Making security comfortable is our top priority.
As we understand the importance of work in a familiar environment, our solutions are easily integrated with popular workflow and storage systems to enable effective work with documents in a habitual way.